We do not only container but shopping!
Some customers come to our place by truck and buy some goods like engines, struts,...
*Need to know what you want before you come, though.
If you're interested, please contact us!
When we load engines, we check whether the crankshaft rotates or not.
Check mileage, sludge, condition, ... we're always trying to make customers be glad.
We also wrap some body parts if the customer needs.
We're sure that you'll be satisfied with our products.
We load CARRY, VITZ, PROBOX, and motor bikes to U.A.E.
Many fuse boxes are put inside CARRY.
5 Motor bikes are tied up together and they filled up the empty space.
Today's container is for Russia.
We loaded over 80 engines on a 20ft container.
We have many many engines right now.
If you want, please contact us!
We made a container for U.A.E.
We loaded half cuts(Truck and TOYOTA Fielder), over 60 engines, nose cuts, and other small parts.
The width of truck and container was almost same.
We tried several times to put it into the container and finally we did!
Recycling Festival 2016 was held
On August 21st, Recycling Festival 2016 was held in Hitachinaka Plant.
More than 300 people visited and enjoyed.
We all apreciate, thank you so much!
You can see report of this festival from the following link.
Strategic Management Presentation for Next Term on April 2, 2016
Presentation about the strategic management for next period (from June 2016 to May 2017) was held by Akasu President on April 2nd, 2016. Also, each division leader presented their planning based on the results of this term.
Miyanosato Office Opens!
Carepo's new office named Miyanosato Office was opened on December 24, 2015.
Our task in this office is maintenance and management of new cars.
You can see some pictures via the link below.
Information of Recommended Product (Used Car)
Dear Customers,

We're pleased to inform you of the recommended product.
If you're interested in this used car, please feel fee to contact us!
E-mail :

Model : SUNNY B15 FF AT 2WD
VIN : B15-801***
Year : 2004
Engine : QG13-DE
Mileage : About 68,000km
Steering : Right
Time Period : By February 29th, 2016
Note : We do NOT accept the order of changing right steering to left. Please ask us about the price.
Information of Recommended Product (Used Parts)
Dear Customers,

We're pleased to inform you of the recommended product.
If you're interested in used parts from this car, please feel fee to contact us!
E-mail :

Model : COROLLA LEVIN AE111 (Late Model)
VIN: AE111-500****
Engine : 4A-GE FF MT 2WD
Time Period : By February 29th, 2016
Note : We don’t produce glasses like windshield, window, rear glass etc.. In addition to it, air bag will be deployed when we export and exporting used batteries is prohibited by Basel Convention. Please note that.
In case of sold-out or expiration, we would provide substitute parts.
<<CAREPO CORPORATION (Hitachinaka factory)>> 552-55 Shinkocho, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki, JAPAN 312-0005 TEL:+81-29-264-2929 FAX:+81-29-264-2424