History / História

History / História
  ■Nov. 1991 Established MOTOR BASIC HITACHI Co., Ltd.
  ■Dec. 1991 Business contract of PDI work at Hitachi VPC of Mercedes-Benz Japan Co., Ltd.
  ■Jan. 2005 Established Carepo Department
  ■Dec. 2005 Established Car Recycling Center "CAREPO"
  ■Jan. 2006 Got the permission based on Vehicle Recycling Law
  ■Apr. 2006 Consortium agreement of all recycling and all used of used car
  ■July 2006 Business contract of car maintenance at motor pool of Hitachi Futo Co., Ltd.
  ■Nov. 2009 Opened Tsukuba Office
  ■Apr. 2013 Started business of rental car
  ■June 2013 Changed CAREPO CORPORATION
  ■Apr. 2014 Opened Mito Office
  ■July 2014 Business contract of maitenance at Toyohashi VPC
  ■May 2015 Opened Tsukuba Office (Relocated)
  ■Dec. 2015 Opened Miyanosato Office
<<CAREPO CORPORATION>> 1-8-29 Sakuragawa, Mito City, Ibaraki, JAPAN 310-0801 TEL:+81-29-300-2525 FAX:+81-29-300-2424