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Massage from the CEO

Massage from the CEO

 Our company established in 1991 and we started up maintenance of exported cars.

 In Japan an Automotive Recycling law was enforced, so in 2006 we started a recycling business of used vehicles based on it. We've played a role and taken responsibilities in automotive industry of today's sound material-cycle society.

 We, from now on too, continue to strive to realize our responsible position in the car business with our philosophy "take a responsibility for the posterity", maintaining and improving the global environment which has become a big problem in recent years and thinking of limited natural resources by recycling.

<<CAREPO CORPORATION (Hitachinaka Plant)>> 552-55 Shinko-Cho, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki, JAPAN 312-0005 TEL:+81-29-264-2929 FAX:+81-29-264-2424